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Signing the charter demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to better mental health at work

The Charter for Employers Positive About Mental Health is not an accreditation or set of quality standards. Instead, it is a set of values. By signing the Charter, the employers listed below have made a public declaration of their commtment to support the mental health of their staff.

Over 1,350 signatories and counting...

Organisation Sector County Date Signed Up
Aspro UK Private Cheshire 11/01/2023
Assist Services Group Limited Private London 16/10/2017
Athena PTS Private Cumbria 11/08/2021
Atlas Translations Ltd Private Hertfordshire 11/03/2021
Attigo CIC Private West Yorkshire 12/04/2022
Autism Matters Voluntary Cleveland 26/07/2022
Autism Unlimited Limited Voluntary Dorset 16/11/2022
Autohorn Fleet Services Ltd Private North Yorkshire 12/08/2019
Avalon Group (Social Care) Voluntary North Yorkshire 04/10/2018
Avery Walters Solicitors Private West Yorkshire 05/04/2022
Avondalecare Ltd Private Kent 16/02/2023
AW Hainsworth & Sons Private West Yorkshire 20/02/2023
Azets Holdings Ltd Private North Yorkshire 01/02/2016
Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils Public Suffolk 08/09/2014
Baillie Gifford & Co Private Edinburgh 09/02/2021

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