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The Review Process

For your organisation to remain a Charter signatory, we request that you complete a Charter review every two years. Although we require employers to complete their review in order to remain a signatory, the review process is not intended to be an inspection. Instead, the review is about self-assessment and has been designed to help you reflect on your current practises and policies. Not only does this help you to demonstrate the progress that you are making as an organisation, but through the review process, we will provide you with tailored feedback that highlights the things that you’re doing well and offers support and advice in areas where you may be struggling. Furthermore, by renewing your signature, you will retain your current Charter benefits, including:

  • Personalised copies of the Charter to display in your premises.
  • Use of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER logo to display on your website and literature.
  • Recognition as a Charter signatory on our website.
  • Access to our members-only Line Managers Resource Guide and Keeping Well at Work publications.
  • A discount on all training workshops delivered by MINDFUL EMPLOYER.
  • Tailored feedback and support on your organisation’s policies and practises through our review process.

Completing Your Review

Two months before your review is due, a review reminder will be emailed to the primary contact for your organisation. Attached to this email will be a copy of our Charter review form, along with further instructions on how to renew your organisation's signature. For this reason, it is important that you keep us informed of any changes to the contact details we hold for your organisation. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible. As such, should we not hear from you, a second reminder will be sent by post around one month before the review date.

For each review, you will be asked to:

  • Reflect on how your organisation is working to promote its commitment to staff mental health.
  • Provide details of good mental health practises that are currently in place.
  • Consider and describe areas where the organisation might be struggling.

Writing about what your organisation does well helps us to share best practises with other employers, while writing about the areas in which you may be having difficulty enables us to provide you with advice on how you might get past potential barriers. As such, for your organisation to get the most out of the review process, it is important that you are as detailed and honest as possible.

Requesting an extension:
We appreciate that there will be many different demands vying for your attention at the time of your renewal. Therefore, should you feel you are unable to complete your review by the requested date, you may request an extension of up to three months. To do so, please contact us either by email or phone to discuss this further.

Non-completion of the review:
If we do not receive your organisation's review and we have not heard from you regarding a possible extension by one month after your renewal date, then we will assume that you no longer wish to remain a Charter signatory. As a result, we will send you a final letter informing you of our intention to revoke your Charter status and close your account with MINDFUL EMPLOYER. You may still get in touch with us at this point should you wish for your organisation to remain a signatory.

Renewing Your Signature

After receiving your Charter review, an invoice for your organisation's administration fee will be sent to your chosen contact. We ask that you pay a small administration fee to help enable us to continue offering and developing our services.


No. of Employees

Admin Fee*


0 to 50



51 to 250



251 to 1,000



Over 1,000


*Payment Terms, Discounts, and Refunds:

  • All fees are exclusive of VAT, which is charged at the standard rate.
  • A 10% discount is applied to the final value fee for public and voluntary sector services.
  • Administration fees apply to all new and renewing signatories and are non-refundable.

Once we have received confirmation that the administration fee has been paid, your organisation's renewal will be complete, and your Charter status will be extended for a further two years. A new Charter will be created and sent to you by email, and we will begin composing your feedback.