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Established in 2004, MINDFUL EMPLOYER has a long history of empowering employers across the nation to achieve better mental health at work. As a part of Devon Partnership NHS Trust, MINDFUL EMPLOYER and its services are administered by a team of mental health and employment professionals. Combining our expertise across these sectors, we adapt the best and most up-to-date clinical practice to suit the needs of your business.


The Charter for Employers Positive About Mental Health

Signing the charter demonstrates your commitment to supporting mental health at work

From family-run businesses to national corporations, join the growing number of employers across the country who are committing to achieve better mental health at work.

About oUR Charter

We work to equip you and your staff with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of mental ill-health at work

Workplace Mental Health Training

We work to equip you and your staff with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of mental ill-health at work



You're in good company



Toyota GB

MINDFUL EMPLOYER’s training has helped us to underpin our wellbeing strategy by equipping our managers with the skills necessary to foster the right conditions for our employees to be their best. Our managers enjoyed the content so much, that many said they wished the training had been longer!




Rowe IT

Good mental health and normalising discussion around it, is an important part of any positive work culture. The MINDFUL EMPLOYER team has supported Rowe IT in that journey by providing tailored training designed to promote and encourage resilience and wellbeing. We cannot recommend their workshops enough. They are interactive, accessible and interesting. We are building them into our training modules for all new staff and managers.

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The Charter for employers

The Charter for employers

Positive about mental health

Open to all employers, regardless of their location, sector, industry or size, the Charter for Employers Positive About Mental Health is not about comparing employers against one another. Instead, it is about recognising those employers who are committed to supporting the mental health of their staff, and it is about helping employers to achieve this goal.

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Mental health training

Mental health training

Adapted for the workplace

Adapting the most up-to-date, evidence-based research for the workplace, our training has been designed with the capabilities of your staff in mind. From helping to identify signs and symptoms, to managing mental health at work, our off-the-shelf and bespoke workshops provide the training that your business needs to create a mentally healthy place of work.

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Publications and resources

Publications and resources

Sharing best practice

With practical guidance on understanding mental ill-health, facilitating recovery, and supporting your organisation's mental health and wellbeing initiatives, our publications and resources are designed to empower employers to create a mentally healthy workplace.

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