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Talking Wellbeing


Course Overview

Elevate the way you engage with wellbeing through our transformative Talking Wellbeing workshop. Designed to empower staff at all levels, this workshop equips staff with the skills to navigate constructive conversations about mental health at work. Furthermore, staff attending a Talking Wellbeing workshop will benefit from an improved understanding of common mental health issues as well as new ways of building and maintaining their personal resilience.

Duration: 3.5 hours, including a short break.

Who it's for: This course is designed for all employees, regardless of position.

Course delivery: Our Talking Wellbeing training is available to employers for on-site or remote delivery. It is an engaging session that actively encourages involvement through a mixture of group activities and open discussions.

Aims and outcomes:

  • Improve understanding of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Deepen knowledge of wellbeing and resilience and explore ways of maintaining optimum wellness.

  • Build confidence in having constructive conversations about mental health at work. 

QuotationsThe session was a really good reminder that we should talk about mental health at work and the trainer created a safe space for us to do so. Excellent discussion fostered between participants."


QuotationsThe course was really engaging and the slides were very useful."


| Nationally recognised for workplace mental health support and guidance.

As a provider of specialist workplace mental health services, we have a proven track record of working positively with employers to adapt expert clinical practice to suit a workplace environment. Employing a team of mental health and human resource professionals, our highly skilled trainers are able to assist you in your learning by drawing on their wider experience to effectively and appropriately answer any mental health-related question or concern that you or a colleague might have.

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How to Book

Our Talking Wellbeing course is open to bookings for both employers and individuals.

For employers:
Employers can book a group session for between 6 and 16 staff to be delivered remotely or on-site by getting in touch.

For individuals:
Individuals may register themselves for one of our upcoming open sessions as they become available.

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