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Mental Health Awareness


Course Overview

Mental health awareness training has become essential to fostering a healthy, supportive, and productive work environment. By challenging the stereotypes and misconceptions that surround mental health conditions, this training helps to break down the stigma associated with mental health, making it easier for employees to understand and support their colleagues who may be experiencing such challenges. This, in turn, contributes to a more supportive and empathetic workplace, ultimately enhancing employee morale and overall wellbeing.

Duration: 3.5 hours, including a short break.

Who it's for: Employees who would like a better understanding of mental health conditions.

Course delivery: Our mental health awareness training is available for on-site or remote delivery. It is an engaging session that actively encourages involvement through a mixture of group activities and open discussions.

Aims and outcomes:

  • Improve awareness of different mental health conditions, their causes, and treatments.
  • Enhance understanding of the impact of mental health conditions on individuals at work.

  • Build confidence in supporting colleagues struggling with their mental health.

QuotationsThe training was well organised and I really liked the management of the breakout sessions."


QuotationsThe facilitator helped to explain different mental health conditions really well."


| Nationally recognised for workplace mental health support and guidance.

As an NHS service, we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and practical workplace solutions. Employing a team of mental health and human resource professionals, our highly skilled trainers will assist you in your learning by drawing on their wider experience to provide real-world examples and insights to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive, evidence-based support.

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Our Mental Health Awareness Training is open to bookings for both employers and individuals.

For employers: Employers can book a group session for between 6 and 16 staff to be delivered remotely or on-site by getting in touch.

For individuals: Individuals may register themselves for one of our upcoming open sessions as they become available.

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