Charter Signatories

The Charter for Employers

The charter is not an accreditation or set of quality standards - it is a set of voluntary aspirations

Supporting and encouraging employers to lead from the front on issues of workplace mental health, the Charter for ‘Employers Positive about Mental Health’ is not about comparing employers against one another. Instead, it is about recognising those employers who are working toward achieving better mental health at work, no matter how far along they are in that journey. 


Current Signatories

Over 1,300 signatories and counting...

Organisation Sector County Date Signed Up
Turning Lives Around Voluntary West Yorkshire 12/06/2018
Turning Point Voluntary Greater Manchester 21/12/2020
Twipes Limited Private London 23/06/2021
Tx Group Private Lancashire 04/05/2021
Tyneside Women's Health Voluntary Tyne and Wear 10/02/2010
ubu Private North Yorkshire 22/02/2019
UK Coaching Voluntary West Yorkshire 13/11/2013
UK Coaching Solutions Private West Yorkshire 13/11/2013
UK Supported Living Services Private Merseyside 12/04/2022
Ultima Education Private Surrey 15/02/2022
UM Group Ltd Private London 19/12/2017
Unipro Limited Private West Sussex 11/08/2021
Unique Senior Care Private Warwickshire 19/07/2022
UNISON Public London 11/08/2020
Unitas Youth Zone Voluntary London 20/10/2020

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