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We're empowering employers across the nation to achieve better mental health at work

It is our mission to provide employers with easy access to the information and support necessary to help them lead from the front on matters of workplace mental health and wellbeing. Blending the best in clinical and workplace practice, we provide a specialist approach to suit the needs of your business.

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The world of work is ever-changing. It is therefore important that we change with it. Guided by an advisory group with representatives from across the private, public and voluntary sectors, MINDFUL EMPLOYER and our services are created by employers, for employers.



We may be experts in mental health, but our employers are the experts in their own business. Working closely with our employers, we adapt the very best in mental health support and advice to help meet the individual needs of each organisation.



Not everything has to be so complicated. At MINDFUL EMPLOYER, we believe in keeping things as simple as possible, and we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate often complex information in a clear and concise way that anyone can understand.

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18+ Years of dedicated service.

1,300+ Charter signatories.

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