Renewing the Charter

Renewing the Charter

Because real change doesn't happen overnight

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Renewing the Charter:

For your organisation to remain a Charter Signatories, we request that you complete a 'Charter Review' every two years. Although this is a requirement of the charter, the review process is not intended as an inspection, and as such, there are no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ marks. Instead, the review is about self-assessment, and has been designed to help you to reflect on current practice and policies. Not only does this process help you to evidence the progress you are making to your staff, but by informing us of what your organisation is doing well, or perhaps not so well, we are able to provide you with tailored feedback to help encourage and support you in your efforts to achieve better mental health at work.

Completing your Review:

Two months before your review is due, a review reminder will be emailed* to the primary contact for your organisation. Attached to this email will be a copy of our 'Charter Review Form', alongside further instructions on how to renew your Charter status. For this reason, it is important that you keep us informed of any changes to the contact details we hold for your organisation. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible. As such, should we not hear from you, a second reminder will be sent by post around one month before the review date.

* Please note that some organisations automatically filter out external emails, including those from the NHS. Therefore, to ensure that our emails reach you, please add to your address book.

For each review, Signatories will be asked to:

  • Reflect on how the organisation is promoting their commitment to better mental health at work.
  • Provide details on good practice (where appropriate) that is in place.
  • Reflect on and provide details of areas for improvement; including any actions taken to address these.

Review Feedback:

We aim to provide feedback on your Charter review within six weeks of receiving payment of the Charter administration fee outlined below. While there are no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ marks awarded, our feedback is intended to encourage and support your organisation in its journey for better mental health at work. By writing on the areas where your organisation is doing well you are helping us to share examples of best practice; and by writing on the areas where you are struggling, you are helping us to help you by offering suggestions on what you might try differently to overcome potential barriers. As such, please try to include as much information as possible.

Requesting an Extension:

We appreciate that there will be many different demands vying for your attention at the time of your renewal. Therefore, should you feel you are unable to complete your review by the requested date, you may request an extension of up to three months – or six months in exceptional circumstances. To do so, please get in touch with us by email or phone to discuss this further. After completing your review following an extension, your organisations next review date will be set for two years from the original date. For example, an organisation due to submit their review on the 4th October 2020, who then complete this on the 12th December, will be required to submit their next review by the 4th October 2022.

Non-Completion of the Review:

If we have not received your organisations review a month after its due date, and we have not heard from you regarding a possible extension, we will assume that you no longer wish to be a member of the Charter. As such, a final letter will be sent to you to inform you of our intentions to revoke your charter status and close your account with Mindful Employer. You may still get in touch with us at this point if you wish to remain a Charter Signatory.

Administration Fee:

Alongside completion of the Charter review, we request that those Signatories wishing to renew their Charter status pay an administration fee; like you would have done when you initially signed the Charter.


No. of Employees


1 0 to 50 £50.00  
2 51 to 250 £100.00  
3 251 to 1,000 £150.00  
4 Over 1,000 £200.00  
Terms and Conditions:
  • All fees are subject to Value-Added Tax (VAT).
  • A 10% discount is applied to the final value fee for public sector employers.
  • A 10% discount is applied to the final value fee for voluntary sector employers.
  • Administration fees apply to all new and renewing signatories and are non-refundable.
  • The administration fee is not the same as a subscription fee; and as such, will not be automatically deducted from your account at the point of sign-up/ renewal. 

Once your review has been received, an invoice for the required administration fee will be raised and sent to the primary contact for your organisation. Once paid, your renewal will be complete and your organisations Charter status will be extended for a further two years.


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