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MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ provides you and your staff with easy access to an independent and confidential advice line service. Whether it is to do with work, relationships, health, debt or even legal issues, for just £1.00 (+VAT) per person per year, a trained advisor will work with you and your staff to provide the guidance necessary to get a foothold on life's challenges.

✔️ What's Included:

  • 24/7 advice line service for staff
  • Managerial consultancy
  • Advice on everyday matters
  • Debt and financial advice
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Family care advice
What's not included:

  • Counselling and psychological therapies
  • Critical incident and trauma support
  • Ongoing mental health support
  • Support for family members
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation

* Please note that MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ is intended to provide staff with access to an ad-hoc, in the moment telephonic advice line service only. MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus DOES NOT provide staff with access to structured counselling or psychological therapies.



Providing that your organisation is already a Signatory of the Charter for 'Employers Positive about Mental Health', you may apply to join MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ for 1+ years at the cost of £1.00 (+VAT) per person per year. However, should your organisation already be supported by an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), then we would not recommend joining the service; as what we offer through MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus will already be covered by your EAP provider.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Managerial consultancy is only available between 8:00am till 8:00pm.
  • Only one call per legal issue may be made at any given time.
  • All fees are subject to Value-Added Tax (VAT).
  • MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus is not billed as a subscription service. No payments will be automatically taken from your account at the point of sign-up/ renewal.

Key Points for Employers: 

Before applying to join MINDFUL EMPLOYER+, please take a moment to read over our 'Key Points for Employers' below.

  1. How is MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ different from other Employee Assistance Programmes?
    While other Employee Assistance Programmes do offer the same or similar advice line services, the majority also include a range of other services as standard; such as one-to-one counselling or critical incident and trauma support. By cutting back on these additional services, MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus offers your staff access to the advice line service for a significantly reduced rate.

  2. Who administers the advice line service?
    We have partnered with CiC to provide the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus service on behalf of MINDFUL EMPLOYER and Devon Partnership NHS Trust. As a leading provider in wellbeing services, CiC offer a range of high-quality, professional services to employers throughout the UK and abroad. Please visit CiC's website for more information.

  3. When and how often can calls be made?
    Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are no limits to the number of calls which can be made to the advice line service; with the exception of calls made for legal advice, whereby only one call per legal issue may be made at any given time, or calls for managerial consultancy, which is only available between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm. 

  4. Is MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ available to volunteers and/ or consultants?
    Providing that you are happy to pay a further £1.00 (+ VAT) for each additional person you would like to include, MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus can be extended to volunteers, freelance consultants, trustees, or any other persons supporting your business, even if they are not directly employed by the organisation.

  5. What information does CiC collect and hold?
    All calls to the advice line will be recorded by CiC and stored securely within their systems. This enables CiC advisors to review their notes and provide further support if required, and to improve the quality of their service. Although conversations are recorded, details of each call are kept confidential and are never shared outside of CiC - not even with MINDFUL EMPLOYER. At no point will CiC force anyone to share their personal information with them - including their name. All that is required from callers is the name of the organisation they work for.

  6. What information does MINDFUL EMPLOYER share with CIC?
    MINDFUL EMPLOYER will share a copy of the information provided on the ‘MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus Application Form’. No other information that MINDFUL EMPLOYER holds about your organisation will be shared with CIC.

  7. Will we receive reports detailing the level of usage from our staff?
    Employers can request to receive a monthly, quarterly or yearly report on the level of usage for their organisation on an ad-hoc, or regular basis. Reports provide a breakdown of the number of calls made to each service and the type of issue that was discussed, such as legal, financial or health. No personal details are disclosed to protect the confidentiality of staff using the service. To set up regular reporting, or to request and ad-hoc report, please get in touch.


Renewal Process:

We will never assume that you wish to renew your MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ service without hearing from you first. Therefore, approximately two months before your service end date, an email* will be sent to the primary contact for your organisation. Attached to this email will be a copy of our 'MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ Renewal Form', alongside your service end date and further instructions on how to renew the service should you desire. For this reason, it is important that you keep us informed of any changes to the contact details we hold for your organisation. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible. As such, should we not hear from you, a second reminder will be sent to the organisation by post around one month before the service end date.

* Please note that some organisations automatically filter out external emails, including those from the NHS. Therefore, to ensure that our emails reach you, please add dpt.mindfulemployer@nhs.net to your address book.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription to MINDFUL EMPLOYER+, then please get in touch to let us know. However, should we not hear from you, we will continue to end the service on your organisations service end date. 


Applications Process:

To begin, please complete a copy of our online applications form by clicking 'Sign-up Today' below (should you require the applications form in another format, please get in touch). After receiving your application, an invoice will be raised and emailed to your chosen primary contact; or, if applicable, your accounts/ finance department. 

* Please note that, to register for MINDFUL EMPLOYER+, your organisation must first be a current Signatory of the Charter for 'Employers Positive about Mental Health.' Should you apply to join MINDFUL EMPLOYER Plus when your organisation is not a current Signatory, your application will not be processed.

Once confirmation of payment has been received, we will begin the process of setting you up as a MINDFUL EMPLOYER+ customer. This involves: 1) forwarding the name of your organisation and the total number of employees registered to CiC so they may set you up on their system; 2) posting 1x copies of our service leaflet and wallet cards for each employee registered to your organisation; and 3) writing to inform you of your service start and end dates.