The Watercooler

Events: The Watercooler (2022)

Connecting Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

About The Watercooler:

Next February at Olympia in London, Make A Difference Events will stage ‘The Watercooler’ - an in-person, free-to-attend, two-day exhibition and conference bringing together leading employers - from established industries as well as bold disruptors who are setting new benchmarks - to champion workplace wellbeing. The Watercooler, named in recognition of those crucial moments of connection between employees, sets out to demonstrate that wellbeing IS the future of work.

The event will see over 5000 workplace wellbeing professionals in attendance, with 100 speakers - including Professor Dame Carol Black, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, and Leena Nair - across a dynamic schedule of workshops and conferences, and roundtable discussions hosted by industry experts. The programme is curated into three areas of wellbeing - Mental & Physical, Social & Inclusive, and Financial & Environmental - with content covering topics from ‘Addressing the New Type of Burnout’ to ‘Understanding and Supporting the Individual Needs of Neurodiverse Colleagues’.

“The workplace post-COVID needs to be different. It must meet the mental, physical, financial, social, and environmental needs of the workers, as well as the purposes of the organisation. The Watercooler is where you can gather, make connections, learn from colleagues' experiences, and find the right solutions for your organisation—whatever its size or shape.” - Professor Dame Carol Black.

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The Watercooler 2022 is hosted and administered by Make a Difference Events. As a sponsor of the event, MINDFUL EMPLOYER are not responsible for handling bookings or enquiries. For more information, including press opportunities, please contact